Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone | Convenient Crystal Manifestation for Spiritual Guidance | Healing Blue Quartz Gemstones

The Blue Quartz stone aids in strengthening psychic communication with spiritual guides. It is an uplifting stone that dispels depression and restores hope, happiness and peace. It alleviates fears and enhances creativity and expression. Let the Crystal help you in recognizing your intuitions and master them as you emerge out of endurance from unknown negative sources. Why tumbled stones? You can wear them or carry around in your pocket to feel a soothing energy. You can use them for home décor or simply place them near your bedside table to reduce stress. Hold them in your hand during meditation to deepen your focus and expand your conscious awareness. Gift them to your loved ones to enrich their soul and bring them good luck and fortune!

Origin: Brazil

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